Thursday, March 19, 2015

Ninja Professional Blender (NJ600)

  • Outstanding ice crusher
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Large capacity
  • Great for traditional smoothies

  • Doesn't always blend consistently

Bottom line


The Ninja Professional NJ600 is a good, basic blender that gets good reviews from users and experts alike for heavy-duty tasks such as ice crushing, but it also performs well with less-taxing blending duties. Many experts give it lower marks than it deserves, often comparing it to blenders costing two or three times as much, and then downgrading it for not performing as well. However, the consensus among owners is that this blender is a great value for the price.

Breaking it down 




Ice, ice, baby. From snow cones to crushed ice, the Ninja Professional NJ600 gets raves from users, and in one professional test, for being able to power through the job in record time. It also does very well chopping nuts and making nut butters. It's particularly popular with people who love traditional smoothies (made from ingredients such as soft fruits, ice cream and yogurt); those who want to blend salsas or smoothies that incorporate leafy greens say it doesn't blend well enough and leaves chunks. Experts and owners agree that it purees well; creating smooth soups, dips and sauces. It is noisy, although not any more so than most blenders.

Ease of use


Easy to clean; lid can be finicky. All parts of the Ninja Professional NJ600 are dishwasher safe, and its control panel is flat, as opposed to the raised buttons on many blenders, making it easy to wipe clean. The lid gets some complaints from owners and experts who say it can be difficult to get it to set just right to lock into the pitcher. The pour spout is built into the lid and many owners say they love how it contains liquids when pouring them into a glass. The controls are straightforward -- just three speeds and a pulse option. We found some complaints about the short, 2 foot cord, but the cord storage feature is popular. The website features a plethora of easy, very specific recipes developed just for this blender.



A professional vibe. Although its controls are fairly basic, owners say the Ninja Professional NJ600 looks surprisingly, well, professional. In fact, one expert review refers to the Ninja as "fierce-looking." It comes in only one finish, black and silver, but we found no complaints about the lack of color choices. The pitcher holds a generous 72 ounces and it's BPA free. A few consumers say it actually looks like glass, even though it's plastic.




Holds up over time. You can always find complaints about durability with any blender, from the cheapest chopper to the most expensive, high-end appliance. The Ninja Professional NJ600 is no exception, with the occasional owner saying it broke after three uses, or two months or whatever. However, those are outlier complaints; most expert and owner reviews say this workhorse is as solid as they come. We found a few users who said they accidentally dropped it -- hard -- when bringing it out of a cupboard and it still works fine. Customer service gets rave reviews for helpfulness and responsiveness when there is a problem.

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