Vitamix vs Ninja. Blender reviews: Vitamix 5200 or Ninja Professional Blender.

Welcome to our website highlighting blenders Vitamix vs Ninja. Before buying a blender many customers are often interested in which one it is better to buy – Vitamix blender or Ninja blender. If you examine Vitamix blenders and compare them with Ninja blenders, you can notice immediately that Vitamix blenders are much more expensive. Therefore, almost every buyer has a question whether to overpay for Vitamix blender or to choose Ninja blender.

If you've already examined Vitamix or Ninja blenders, you may have noticed that Vitamix Company offers more models of blenders. We took into account a series of professional Vitamix 5200 and Ninja Professional NJ600 blenders. At the time of writing this article the price on Vitamix 5200 was $ 480 and the price on Ninja Professional NJ600 varied from $ 80 to $ 120.

It remains just to find out whether to overpay for a Vitamix blender or to save money and buy a Ninja blender. Before buying any product, we always watch some video, because you can write a lot about blenders, but their main features are the result and products grinding quality. Note that our task is not to sell something, but to help the buyer make the right choice.

In our opinion the best Vitamix 5200 vs Ninja Professional NJ600 video belongs to the author Lenny Gale. Lenny Gale describes in detail each of the models of blenders and we strongly recommend you to watch the video from beginning to end. It will take 30 minutes, but you will learn all the pros and cons of Vitamix and Ninja blenders, beginning with design and the process of preparing of two products at the same time to practical use. And then we'll try to comment everything you have seen and he has said.

Now after we have watched the video it is necessary to take stock. If you have watched the video from beginning to end, then you have already understood all the advantages and disadvantages of blenders. Lenny Gale emphasizes every time on the pros of Vitamix 5200, and then we see the result of grinding products and preparing smoothie, hot soup, margarita, creamy almond butter, ice cream.

We see the result at once, despite its sharp blades Ninja Professional NJ600 is losing noticeably to Vitamix 5200. We also share Lenny`s opinion that the majority of public places, including restaurants and bars, choose Vitamix Company blenders.

Why do you want to buy a blender?

Despite all the pros and cons you should find out for yourself why you want to buy a blender. If you want to buy a blender for grinding food and preparing drinks, including smoothie, you can pay attention to Ninja Professional NJ600 and save $ 300 – 400. Ninja Professional NJ600 blender will easily cope with the preparation of fruit drinks, but blending frozen fruits or cooking peanut butter are beyond its power.

If you want your blender to become an indispensable tool in the preparation of delicious complex viands, we recommend you to pay your attention to Vitamix 5200.

Undoubtedly, the two Vitamix 5200 and Ninja Professional NJ600 blenders can grind fruits and vegetables, ice, prepare drinks, mix products, but the results will be different in color, taste and quality. Ninja Professional NJ600 grinds grain badly and cannot cook hot soup in contrast to Vitamix 5200. The texture of foods prepared in Vitamix is much smoother and has a more refined look.

Manufacturer and warranty

As far as you have understood from the video, Ninja blenders are supplied by China. Vitamix blenders are produced in the USA. Perhaps this is another factor that determines the price. Ninja blenders are cheaper than Vitamix ones.

Vitamix Company manufactures equipment for home and professional use since 1937. It provides 7 years warranty for the products, in this case for its blender. If you have any problems with using this device or some details are broken, the company pays for transportation of the blender to the service center and back.

Ninja Company appeared in 2003, but has already acquired a place in the market due to competitive prices and new technologies. The company provides 1 year warranty for blenders. In case of a blender breakdown, you send it to the service center at your own expense.

Vitamix 5200 and Ninja Professional NJ600 characteristics

Vitamix vs Ninja. Blender reviews: Vitamix 5200 or Ninja Professional Blender.

Now I would like to talk in detail about each characteristic that will affect the efficiency of Vitamix and Ninja blenders.

Power. Vitamix 5200 power is 1380 watts against 1100 watts of Ninja Professional NJ600 blender. In the table we have also indicated the maximum number of watts of Ninja Professional blenders for you not to mix the models. Power is also a significant characteristic when choosing any blender. In this case, Vitamix 5200 power is higher.

Speed. Vitamix blenders give you an opportunity to choose and control over the speed of grinding products. You can select speed from 1 to 10, wherein the number of revolutions ranges from 500 to 37 000 revolutions per minute (RPMs). At maximum speed Vitamix 5200 blender is very noisy, but that's just an indicator of its strong working capacity.

Ninja Professional NJ600 blender has 3 speeds. The first initial speed is used for testing. The second speed is used for mixing products. The last speed is used for crushing frozen foods. We tried to find out the number of revolutions on each of the speeds, but did not find the exact information. The number of revolutions on the last speed reaches up to 24 000 RPMs.

Blades. After having examined the two blenders, we came to the conclusion that if the developers of Ninja will think about making blades like Vitamix has, they will benefit greatly. Blades are a good indicator that we can easily examine.

Vitamix 5200 has 4-toothed stainless steel blades, which are mounted on the bottom of the blender. Blades can be removed with a specially designed wrench (it isn`t included into a complete set, it is sold separately). Blades are divided in pairs: two cutting blades and two blunt ones.

Two blunt blades are throwing products and moving them onto the cutting blades. If 4 blades cannot cope with grinding the ingredients, tamper will help you. The length of the tamper is designed so that when completely submerged into the blender, it won`t touch the rotating blades. Thus, under the pressure of the tamper the hardest ingredients can be grinded.

Ninja Professional NJ600 blades represent an upright structure, to which 6 very sharp blades are attached. These blades are easy to remove and fasten back that allows you to wash the knives separately from the blender. If you look closer, you will notice that the blades are placed as if in a spiral. When you run the blender blades begin to rotate almost along the entire plane, but it is not possible to use a tamper. Therefore, we cannot influence on the process of grinding products in any way.


It won`t take you much time to wash the blender. However, as you already know Vitamix 5200 blender blades cannot be removed manually. Therefore, to wash the blender after its work you should only add hot water into the blender and run it at high speed.

Ninja Professional NJ600 blender can be washed in two ways. The first method is the same as the Vitamix method – just add water and run the blender. Another way is to remove the blades from the blender and wash them separately. Just be extremely careful, blender blades are very sharp and can cut your hands.

Amazon reviews

When analyzing customers’ reviews for two blenders we can come to the following conclusions. Almost 90% of the reviews left for Vitamix 5200 blender are positive and 3% are neutral. These buyers are happy with their purchase and blender suits them. The rest 7% of customers were dissatisfied with their purchase.

There are 5 times more reviews left for Ninja Professional NJ600 blender than for Vitamix 5200 one. It should be noted that about 75% are positive, 7% are neutral and 18% are negative. When analyzing reviews it may be noted that the buyers’ opinions differ fundamentally from the very good ones to the very bad ones. We based on all the reviews and tried to help those customers who still think on which blender is better – Ninja or Vitamix.


Summarizing the results of the comparison of Vitamix 5200 and Ninja Professional NJ600 blenders we can note the following points.

The price for Ninja Professional NJ600 blender is almost 4 times higher and the blender suits well for grinding food and preparing some fruit drinks. Ninja Professional NJ600 copes poorly with the preparation of more complex meals. It is suitable for home use, if the blender is used as the auxiliary electrical device for grinding or mixing products.

Vitamix 5200 is much more expensive than its competitor Ninja Professional NJ600, but it wins in all respects. This fact deserves special attention. Vitamix 5200 corresponds to its price and quality. Buying Vitamix 5200 you can easily prepare complicated meals, including hot soup. It showed the best results preparing smoothie, homemade fruit juice, peanut butter, refining grain. This blender is suitable not only for home, but also for professional use in restaurants, cafes and bars.